Catriona Gray and Sam Milby Alleged Controversial Video Viral Now

Viral now in social media is the alleged controversial video of Catriona Grey that’s now fast circulation in Facebook.

Last few days Catriona Gray’s ex Clint Bondad goes viral over Cryptic posts and later Catriona Grey Reply To Clint Bondad’s Disturbing Posts.

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The video reveals the former miss universe alleged nude pictures while she is on cr and in bed doing something.

However in accordance to strict community restriction for adult videos we prefer not to upload it online.

The reason for that is unknown and who is responsible for the spreading the video about them but what is certain that the feud between Cat, Clint and Sam is still ongoing.

Catriona Gray & Sam Milby Alleged Controversial Video

It is remembered that recently the new reveals that Cat and Clint ended their six year relationship and few days after the 2018 Miss Universe posted a photo of her and actor Sam Milby with a status “in a relationship”.

As for now Catriona remains silent wherein she tends to keep silent to keep away from toxic issues about her and Sam.

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