Willie Revillame Biglang Naging Emotional on Live Show! Bakit Kaya!

Kapuso host Willie Revillame couldn’t help but turn emotional during his game show program “Wowowin.” Earlier this week, a video resonated deeply with the 59-year-old host, which features frontliners here in the Philippines. Willie, who’s often jovial and cheerful throughout his show, became tearful after watching the viral video of the frontliners.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak in the Philippines, thousands of people are affected not only by the virus itself but by the enhanced community quarantine as well. Everyone, from frontliners to civilians to politicians, is doing their part in order to contain the spread of COVID-19.

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In our battle against the deadly coronavirus, medical personnel is risking their lives and limbs simply to take care of infected sufferers. In their fight, many dedicated doctors and committed nurses have also passed away after contracting COVID-19 while in duty.

Wowowin Host Willie Revillame, Biglang Naging Emosyonal sa Live Show! Bakit Kaya!

Throughout his live show, Willie Revillame was watching the special tribute for our fallen frontliners. As he saw the pictures of the fallen frontliners slowly flashing the screen, Willie couldn’t assist but shed a tear for them. As seen from the host’s face, it’s evident that he also grieves for the family of the doctors and nurses.

The “Wowowin” host also took the chance to express his overwhelming gratitude to our frontliners. Willie took his time in thanking our courageous nurses, medical doctors, and law enforcement authorities like police and soldiers for their unwavering dedication to their duties.

Wowowin Host Willie Revillame, Biglang Naging Emosyonal sa Live Show! Bakit Kaya!

Moreover, Willie also requested the public to do their part in preventing COVID-19 by staying at home. No matter how hardworking our frontliners, their efforts will probably be in vain if we will not heed safety measures and social distancing.

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