Woman caught for breaking ECQ rules & Attacking Cops

The video of a woman arrested by the Police for allegedly violating the Enhance Community Quarantine Protocol is now viral on social media.

In a Facebook video, netizen Kaloi Koi Keng Koi showed a lady insisting to pass through a checkpoint in Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon being guarded by traffic enforcers, cops, barangay officials and army reservists despite having no quarantine pass.

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Despite being urged to calm down, the lady who’s not yet identified suddenly threw a jab to one of the cops and also kicked the man recording the video.

It’s not yet known what happened to the lady after the video, but some sources said that she already brought to the nearest police station for violating the quarantine rules.

A few days ago, a lady in Barangay 156, Bagong Barrio in Caloocan was also brought to the police station for disobeying the authorities.

The video also shows the victim being assaulted by the Police.

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