“No Bra Challenge” Elicits Comments Trending Online

One young woman posted a “No Bra Challenge” photo on her Facebook account, received various reactions from the online community.

Nowadays, social media is considered to be the most powerful communication tool not only in the Philippines, but in many countries around the world. It is primarily used for communication but it is also used for other purposes.

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Young children, teens, young professionals and even adults use social media in their spare time. People are using it for entertainment purposes and even to upload their photos and videos online to gain instant popularity.

A Facebook user named Step Agno Step shared her bold photo without a bra and even set it as her profile picture on her social media. The bold image garnered various reactions from the online community.

The photo shows Step not wearing her undergarment showing her full breasts, but covering the sensitive part with fire emojis. He posed bravely while making the photograph.

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