ABS-CBN cameraman reveals real attitude of Coco Martin

Former cameraman responds to actor Coco Martin and other ABS-CBN artists following ABS-CBN shutdown. The cameraman also gave a powerful talk about the ABS-CBN anulmals.

He will also show evidence that he is a former cameraman of the ABSCBN and has been with Coco Martin in the movies for a long time.

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Payonan became a cameraman of ABS-CBN in 1996 and narrated that his group filed a complaint against ABS-CBN that reached the Supreme Court.

He also revealed how Martin allegedly treated his stuntmen and staff.

Payonan claimed he was told by one of his colleagues, Bal Iglesias about the bad attitude of Martin towards his crew.

According to him, Robin Padilla’s treatment to the stuntmen is far better than how Martin managed his crew.

The former cameraman said that Martin should not act arrogantly as many people are admiring him and looking at him as a role model.

Payonan pointed out that if Martin really wanted to become the next Fernando Poe Jr, he should imitate the attitude of the legendary action star.

He also suggested that Martin should stop challenging the critics of ABS-CBN on social media.

Payonan then said that he only has a little respect for Martin because of the news he heard about the actor.

Last February, Payonan was the one who told the lawmakers about a story on how high ranking officials of the Kapamilya network invited his group to a feast only to be told that they’re all fired.

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