The Reason Why Actress Pinky Amador’s Shout out to the Staff of a Hotel

The video of veteran actress Pinky Amador has been viral on social media as the hotel staff scoffs and taunts her.

In the video Amador is heard shouting at the hotel staff.

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He complained about his exposure to Persons Under Monitoring (PUM) on COVID-19.

He also resented a circular that had not been printed by the hotel staff for three weeks, and had not been attached to the hotel’s elevator about the alleged OFWs who had checked into the hotel.

In a fit of rage he pushed the hotel computer monitor.

He also told the staff to “fool around” because he did not understand what he was asking.

According to netizen Melchor Fajarda, the incident happened around 3:00 PM at the admin office of a hotel in Makati on May 22, 2020.

Another staff member hired the actress but did not hold back and continued to bathe.

“Will you * if I get sick will you pay for my hospitalization?” you can hear Amador talking at the beginning of the video.

“Did you know that I was exposed to two PUMs. I was just informed because I have a p *** i *** CCTV. I’ll decorate you there, ”Amador told the staff.

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