Pinky Amador Official Statement After Going Viral her Video

Actress Pinky Amador has finally released a statement after going viral her video on social media while while yelling at cursing at hotel staff was uploaded.

In a statement, actress Amador explained why she was angry with the hotel staff, saying she was just trying to protect her safety and her neighbors living in the said condo-hotel in Makati City.

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“I have uttered harsh words and become very emotional in a video that has been circulating. There is no excuse for that behavior. Please understand, however, that my emotion was the product of countless minutes of worrying for my safety and that of my neighbors, following up with building administration, and talking to my very emotional neighbors and friends,” the veteran actress said.

She also explained that the condo-tel where she had been living for months had already been accepted by 59 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who had “without informing” them.

“Of note is the fact that these returning Filipinos neither had the proper documentation with them upon entry, nor any indication that they were tested, or when their test results were arriving. The residents wouldn’t have known of their arrival, if not for the witnesses who had seen them enter the premises of our Condo-tel,” she said.

“The residents were not notified about the designation, not the influx of these returning Filipinos, and that was a cause for alarm not just for me but for all the residents,” she added.

Actress admitted that she had been interacting with two guests in an elevator and was unsure about their identity.

In the video, she told staff he had been exposed to a People Under Monitoring (PUM) for negligence hotel management.

“After that encounter, I have started fearing for my safety in my home, which should not be the case. Since I am not the only resident here, I was not the only one to witness the influx of new guests. Some of my neighbors were very upset, even in tears, when recounting their encounter with new guests in the hotel premises, as some of them take care of elderly parents or grandparents, or have children with them. That is what fueled my ire when that video was taken, since some tenants have been calling me, in tears, with fear for their health, and that of their family members,” she stated.

The actress mentioned that one of her neighbors had complained about the negligence of the hotel last month and also published the complaint on a news website.

According to her, she just wants the hotel to be loyal to their longtime guest and avoid ignoring their questions like what they have done to him so many times.

“We simply wanted them to be transparent with us about the goings-on in the building, and to inform us about any systems they have in place. I cannot count the number of times I have tried to communicate this. My other neighbors also tried to do so, to no avail. That was utterly frustrating,” she said.

“This is not just about me, or the other tenants but also for the staff and employees as well. It is troubling to watch them at administration behave as if Covid19 is not a serious matter, or that our lives do not matter,” she added.

The actress also criticized the person who recorded the video and uploaded it on the internet, claiming it was a violation of the ‘anti-wire tapping act’.

“Taking a video without my knowledge in a private property, and deliberately ignoring me (so as to inflame me further) with the intention to leak online, is to me, malicious, vengeful and a violation of the anti-wire tapping act,” she stated.

Before concluding her statement, she apologized to the people affected by her crying and cursing, but insisted that she was just fighting for her safety.

“Since I have started living in this building, I have made friends with my neighbors who have included me in this building’s community. It is a community which includes the administration and something the administration has neglected, repeatedly. What the administration fails to understand is that their actions have an impact not just on their health, but that of the residents’ too. Being responsible means being responsible for everyone, not just yourself, but also others,” she said.

“I am not perfect, far from it. Under these stressful times, when pushed to the limit, how far will you go to protect your loved ones? Sa mga nasaktan ko, I am truly sorry, pero ipinaglaban ko lang ang karapatan natin mabuhay ng ligtas sa sakit.” she added.

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