Via Gonzalez Viral Full Private Video Leaks

The TikTok sensation Via Gonzalez becomes the most trending topics in various social media platforms and other online websites after her controversial video leaked online. She received both criticisms and support from the online community.

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Via Gonzalez Viral Full Private Video Leaks

No. The hashtag Via Gonzales has been trending on Twitter Philippines over the spread of his video scandal

Via Gonzalez

However, many netizens have defended the minor, further warning those who spread the scandal that it is possible to face the case. Netizens have since appealed for not helping the country coronavirus crisis.

Via is also not to be judged because it was wrong for the man to be believed to have filmed their intimate moment and spread it on social media. Many were also angry, especially after asking for a link for the video.

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“Wag niyo naman husgahan si via gonzales hindi porket nagkamali siya eh masamang tao na siya,”@kewibells.

“I saw pictures of “Via Gonzales” circulating online just because of her scandal?? Seriously people, we don’t know how embarrassed the girl is knowing her photos are being shared and there are those who are fucking asking for the god damned video?? Can we be trashier than this?”@aljaymirandilla.

“I can’t believe people still fall for shit like having the care for that Via Gonzales thingy scandal than to FOCUS MORE on the global pandemic we are all frustrated about right now. Welcome to the Philippines, y’all! Malala pa kayo sa virus,” @mspearlmaglinte.

There are also those who call for more serious discussion on important issues in the country compared to this issue.

WARNING !! This Video contains sexual event and is not recommended for young audiences. Parental Guidance is Advice.

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