Mystica’s video Insults President Rodrigo Duterte

Ruby Villanueva more popularly known as ‘Mystica’ couldn’t control her emotions anymore against President Rodrigo Duterte is trending on social media.

Mystica in a seven-minute video slammed her critics who called her insane for criticizing President Duterte and his policies amid the COVID-19 crisis.

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She also asked why the government couldn’t understand that some people were convinced to join rallies despite the ECQ because they’re hungry and desperate already.

The former actress started to shout and cry while talking about her frustrations.

“Binigyan kayo ng trabaho, pero bakit hindi niyo magampanan ng tama? At bakit pa kayo binoto ng mga tao kung kayo mismo ang dahilan kung bakit sila magugutom! What is causing them to go them para mag rally napakasimple, gutom sila, hindi niyo ba naiintindihan yun?” Mystica who’s also known for sharing ‘mukbang’ videos on her social media page said.

“Ano ba ang pinaglalaban ko dito? Bakit ako nagmumura kasi gutom sila, hindi niyo ba naiintindihan yon? Ngayon kung sasabihin niyo na ako ay baliw, ngayon niyo ipakita talaga na kahit papaano pag ginawa ninyo ang sinasabi ng isang baliw yun mismo makakapag save sa buhay niyo, ng mga Pilipino, kahit na pinagtatawanan niyo ko,” she added.

Mystica also criticized the remarks of the President against the leftist groups who are planning to organize rallies amid the ECQ.

“Gusto lang nilang makakain, gusto nilang ma survive, gusto pa nilang mabuhay,” she said.

The singer has no fear of repeatedly slamming the President and urging VP Leni Robredo’s supporters to unite.

Because there is no help making the government work for the people, especially providing food.

Watch the video below:

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