Proud Man Post “Mayor Hanapin Nyo Kami” Challenge

A man was stabbed along with the contents of a Facebook challenge post. They did not think that the cops would take over the “Mayor Find You” Challenge which they called.

April 5, when Rizal police station Nueva Ecija received a report. According to the report, a man posted pictures of him drinking with other men. In the caption of the post the caption, “Mayor Find Us!”

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Such a post seems to challenge their mayor to find and arrest them if the leadership can. The suspects were brave enough to drink and even posted it on social media. This is despite the current ban on alcohol consumption due to Enhanced Community Quarantine.

At first glance it is not immediately possible to know the exact location of the image. To make sure there was a breach that occurred the Rizal police officer, Nueva Ecija, validated.

Under the leadership of PMAJ Herbert G. Ocumen, police quickly came up with a plan. Together with Calaocan village officials, they raided the area.

Due to the tips received they were able to easily locate the suspects. Only thirty minutes after receiving the tip they found the place and were involved. They went to the home of the unnamed suspect. He could not refuse that amok alcohol again. Drunk Man Posting “Mayor Find Us” Challenge, Police Operation Campaign! 4

“Hanapin Nyo Kami” Challenge

He also pointed out to the beverage partners that he lived only a corner from the village. If so, his appetites will be reduced. Alcoholic beverages are also recovered in the area, which is forgotten.

The suspects were taken to the Rizal MPS headquarters. They face a violation of Article 151 of the Revised Penal Code (Disobedience). If convicted, they could be jailed for one to six months. They will also result in a value not exceeding Php100,000.

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