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Suspect Kills Jang Lucero, Arrested!

The CALABARZON Philippine National Police (PNP) is looking for an arrest warrant for the alleged murder of Robyn Jang Lucero. Lucero was the driver for a car that was raided and left in his car in Calambay City, Laguna on June 28.

The suspect was identified as Ann Sheila Montes Belarmino. The culprit has been arrested by the Investigation and Intelligence Unit of the Calamba Metropolis Police Station on July three on the validity of the Court’s arrest warrant for murder. Belarmino is currently in custody on the Calamba City Police Station.

Jang Lucero

Based on a statement by Calabarzon Regional Police Spokesman P / Capt. Mary Anne Torres, a witness pointed to Belarmino with the help of CCTV footage.

Suspect Kills Jang Lucero, Arrested

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Police are additionally investigating Belarmino’s criminal accomplices.

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