It’s Showtime Host Vhong Navarro Father’s Day Greeting Slammed By Netizens

Father’s Day post of Vhong Navarro received these comments by Netizens!

On June 21, Father’s Day, it’s Showtime Host Vhong Navarro greeted all the fathers through his Twitter post and many netizens Slammed him for this reason.

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Vhong has been controversial in recent days over the “rhymes of wrongdoing” announcement by former host Kat Alano in her support of #HijaAko. The latter announced that he had been harassed by a famous celebrity.

Because of this, the name of Vhong created a buzz on social media and the past harassment cases that were filed against him were recalled. Apparently, this is not the only time when the comedian-host is being faced with this kind of controversy.

It's Showtime Host Vhong Navarro Father’s Day Greeting Slammed By Netizens

With that revelation from the former host, Vhong Navarro received a massive amount of bashing on social media. Frankie Pangilinan, who started the online movement #HijaAko also shared her thoughts regarding this issue.

According to Frankie, the act of harassing women should be condemn however, she is not in the position to decide what is the truth regarding the issue between Kat and Vhong.

As of press time, the Kapamilya host has not released a statement yet regarding the allegations against him but did not stop netizens to criticize him. In his recent Twitter post, he greeted all the fathers on their special day.

However, netizens slammed him. Some said that he should focus on the issue being thrown to him right now. Here are some of the comments against Vhong.

Meanwhile, Vhong Navarro tied the knot with wife Tanya Bautista last November of 2019. It was a star-studded event that was held in Japan.

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