Sen. Sotto to Yorme: “Stop being EPAL and KSP”

CBN Times – Senate President Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto III did not miss Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s statement to senators who helped during the 2019 coronavirus disease crisis (COVID-19).

Sotto explained that the challengers in the senators are expected to be smart and have the right attitude to motivate them to help others.

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Sotto further explained that senators do not mandate sharing food rations with the people.

Sotto clarified that the Senate’s job is to draft and pass a bill like the Bayanihan to Heal As One Act that President Rodrigo Duterte is currently using to distribute P200 billion to poor families in the country.

According to the Senate President, many senators, whether quarantined or not, are extending aid to various areas in quiet ways.

“In fact, most of my colleagues in the Senate, whether quarantined or not, are quietly helping our fellow citizens in various towns or places in our personal capacity,” Sotto said.

“We do not have the media behind us for 24 hours just to survive COVID19,” he added.

The Senator also called for politicians to stop covering their aid during this time of the virus crisis.

“Let’s stop being EPAL and being KSP,” he said.

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