4Ps Member Caught Full-time During Lockdown

A netizen post is trending on Facebook where a group in Laguna can be seen playing cards and according to up-loader Joyce Mance, a member of the 4Ps and still playing Tong-its “You hate the Government then you were caught angry at the President of the HOA.

Watch the video below:

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Meanwhile, up to 50,000 Region 4 government members have been removed from the list based on their last record in August.

According to the Department of Social Welfare and Development Region 1 records, a total of 47,078 families were removed from the list.

It was learned that five out of the total were removed for misrepresentation; 162 were eliminated for gambling and lending their cash card; 170 are called duplicate households; 29 did not comply with the terms of the 4Ps program; and nearly 7,000 voluntarily removed themselves from the list.

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