Couple doctor died in Cebu, dahil sa COVID-19

The Couple doctors died in Cebu City after being diagnosed with 2019 coronavirus disease or COVID-19.

First reported on Dr. Helen Tudtud said on March 27, 66, a pathologist at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC).

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But just a few days ago, this March 31, his wife Dr died again. Dennis Tudtud, an oncologist.

This news was confirmed by their son Dennis Thomas.

Dennis Thomas in his Facebook post, he said their family is mourning the loss of their parents.

She recounts how much her father loved her mother and her grandchildren.

He also expressed how good his parents were.

Read his full post:

Our Daddy Dennis has joined Mommy Helen. My sister and I are in deep sorrow that God had to take both of them but I take comfort that they are happy together in their journey to paradise.

I will forever miss our Daddy Den’s selflessness. He has always put others before himself. As a father, he gave us everything we needed and wanted. He worked so hard for us. He was happy when he saw us happy. He did everything to put smiles on our faces. He adored my mother. He would give the world to Mommy Helen if it was possible. That was how much he loved our Mommy. He loved his grandchildren. He would play with them and shower them with gifts. He’d carry them to their bedrooms when they were asleep just as he carried us when we were children.

His selflessness did not stop in our home. As a doctor, he would even pay for the chemotherapy sessions of some of his patients just so their families could spend more years with them. He was generous beyond words could even describe.

Today is my birthday. It pains me that both my parents are no longer here. I cannot bring them back to life but I can celebrate their lives.

Please remember my parents, Doctor Dennis Ramon Momongan Tudtud and Doctor Helen Evangelista Tudtud. Please include them in your prayers as they journey together to heaven. Please also pray for those who are still fighting this battle. My parents may have lost but the Lord won two angels.

My sister and I may never understand why God had to take them both. There are so many questions with no answers. We have a flood of tears. I also ask for your prayers of strength and of acceptance.

Daddy and Mommy, please watch over us from heaven.

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